One Million Best Companies Would Like to Present the “Aum Agri Freeze Foods” Company

March 6, 2017 /One Million Best Companies/ - The “Aum Agri Freeze Foods” Company is now a proud member of the One Million Best Companies. It has passed all OMBC.COM verification tests with flying colors in order to gain the Best 5000 status.
The “Aum Agri Freeze Foods” Company has been founded in 1960 and has established itself as an outstanding processor and exporter of a vast range of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herb products.
The product range of this company is 100% natural, fresh, and organic, the processing of which is performed without the use of any chemicals or other additives. The “Aum Agri Freeze Foods” Company uses a special freeze-drying method and distributes its products in packs of 1 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg.
The primary clients of this company are caterers, restaurants, and hotels, as well as cosmetic, ayurvedic, and pharmaceutical industries. The team of “Aum Agri Freeze Foods” Company is dedicated to providing their clients with high-quality products, which allowed them to receive Organic Certificate provided by NPOP and ISO 22000:2005 certificate issued by Intertek. Furthermore, all the vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herb products of this company meet all the criteria set by APEDA, FPO, Spice Board, NSIC, GS1 India, and SSI.
The mission of the “Aum Agri Freeze Foods” Company is to always provide its clients with truly natural and organic products that are free of any additives and artificialness.
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