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Example of Aum Agri Freeze from India
Example of Thomas Apiculture from France
Example of Transmeja from Lituania

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One Million Best Companies

    Press releases about your company are written by professional copyrighters and will be published in the news section. They are distributed on behalf of One Million Best Companies through 250+ popular media. This is the fastest way for your business to gain trust and attract attention of potential customers, investors and partners.

    Here are some useful topics for your press release:

    • Opening of a branch office
    • A new product / service launch
    • New key executive positions introduction
    • Receiving a reward
    • Partnership with new companies or products
    • New announcement of venture capital
    • Strikes on financial or corporate milestones
    • Announcements of events
    • Business expansion
    • Research and analytics reports

    Tip: as soon as we have published a press release about your company, do not forget to send the link to it to 10 - 100 addressees (customers, partners, investors, sponsors) or to include the link to the press release into your email signature and to keep it in the web site for at least a month (or until your next big article is published). The value of staying at is much higher when you diversify communication links improving the level of trust to your business.

One Million Best Companies aim is to create not just a global catalog of the best companies, but to provide them with additional opportunities for growth and development.

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One Million Best Companies

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